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Development of Software Solutions

Thanks to our quality, we have delivered this service to renowed organizations.  We work closely with your company, developing customized software solutions tailored to your specific needs, adapting and integrating them with standard software you may already have installed.

Different technologies ITS Solutions

Broad Experience

Thanks to our more than 14 years of experience, we have acquire broad develop experience on different technologies.  From main frames as iSeries from IBM, until open platforms such as Java or WordPress.

Outsourcing ITS Solutions

Outsourcing Specialized

Expect the best human resources, skilled, specialized and highly trained according to the profile required, for as long as you request it, in the place you need it.

iSeries Products

iSeries IBM ITS Solutions Products

Extraction and Generation of Information
Extract information from a database and add it to an existing file or one created by this process. It can be physical file or an SQL table. This tool is developed in RPGFREE programming lenguage to AS/400 OS.

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Through parametrization, this tool allows for a consistent extraction of data from production in a very short time, with data that fultills any given criteria for testing. When execute it creates a SAVF with the selected data. This tool is developed to AS/400 OS.

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By making a basic modification to the main program (RPG), and setting a few parameters, this tool converts a program thar processes records one by one, in a program that processes multiple records in parallel jobs to maximize the use of machine resources, and dramatically reduce processing time in batch processes.

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This tool allows you to purge files from a parametrization, reducing their files, in order to save disk space and perform faster backup processes due to less volume of information. This tool is developed for RPG IV program language for AS/400 OS V5R2MO and higher

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This tool allows you to audit query accesses to files that contain sensitive information, providing information such as user id, consulted records, and dates.

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