Personality Profile of Software Developers

Perfil de personalidad de los Desarrolladores de software

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Nowadays, there is much talk about soft skills. They are immersed in all work sectors but have greater recognition in software development environments. The profile of the traditional software developer is known to work individually within a versatile team with roles requiring different skills, which are strongly influenced by their personalities. Have […]

Women protagonists in the era of digital transformation

Mujeres protagonistas en la era de la transformación digital

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn A milestone was reached… Combining female leadership as an engine that drives and promotes the digital transformation of organizations is a long-overdue bet. COH. The growth of women facing challenges in leadership and strategic management positions in organizations has undoubtedly been a challenge we needed to face to have healthier and more […]

Women’s leadership in technology

Liderazgo Femenino en tecnologia

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Hi, my name is Santhy Hernandez, and since 2019 I have worked as a Project Coordinator at ITS. Today I want to share my experience with Women’s Leadership in Technology. Women’s leadership is framed within the inequality of opportunities and power compared to men, which has undermined us for centuries. However, today, […]